What? Fall Food Fest in December?

Yes, its true. Just like fall is seeming to last forever, Fall Food Fest is going to push the limits of the season and occur on Saturday, December 3rd. So instead of the weekend before Thanksgiving, plan for the week after.


What is the ingredient this year, you ask?  In case you don’t remember the lobbying that went on last year… break out the GINGER, and add a little spice to your cakes, punch, soups, curries, and other creative dish that you can dream up.


I hope to see you on Saturday, December 3rd starting around 6pm at 410 North Lawn Avenue to kick of the season right. And feel free to share the invite with friends, family, and other people who love good food and even better company 🙂

– Sarah Kate


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If there was any time to get together…

Hey folks,

I have been off the radar a bit since I moved in the spring, but after Tuesday night it’s time to get together and figure out a way to move forward.  Please join me to get together, drink, and dance it out on Saturday night. Here’s the scoop:

  • Bring a song to play – playlist, CD… I even have a cassette player (but no record player). Bridge over Troubled Waters, anyone??
  • Bring a bottle of something (and yes, it could be non-alcoholic)
  • A dish to share would be great
  • Plan for a safe way home, especially if you are drinking.

That’s it. Oh wait, when I said dancing it out, I’m serious. See the dancing it out montage from Grey’s Anatomy below:

Hope to see you at 410 North Lawn Ave on Saturday.

Sarah Kate

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Bike the Barns, matching donations and my grandma.

Its only two weeks until my Bike the Barns ride to raise funds for fresh, local produce for all families.  Many of you know that my family lost both my grandma and grandma this spring. What you may not have known is that my grandma grew up on a farm in the upper peninsula Michigan. We used to talk tomatoes and gardening every summer. In her memory, I am going to match ALL donations made to my Bike the Barns ride. Can we get to $350? We are so close! Can we raise even more than that? I’ll ride this year and think of all the people who will benefit from your donations – and I’ll be thinking of my grandma.

Go to this link to donate:

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far!!


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Three weeks to Bike the Barns and counting…

Are you crazy excited about all of the tomatoes, basil, peppers, and squash in your garden or at the market? Shouldn’t everyone have access to incredible, fresh produce?

I know how much all of you love good food, so I know you are thinking YES!! Please pledge my Bike the Barns ride! Any amount is appreciated – $10, $20, $25 – it all goes to a great cause to bring local, fresh produce to all families. Only three weeks away from the ride, so please visit the link below and make a pledge.


I know that I set my fundraising goal really high ($500). Let’s see if we can go from $275 to $$350 by this weekend.  Any donation amount is appreciated to move us closer to this goal.


Thank you!!!

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Corrected donation link

Oops – forgot one small letter that makes all the difference.  Here is the corrected site for making a donation:


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Bike the Barns fundraising – continued!

Thanks so much to everyone who donated to Bike the Barns.  I am excited to say that we have raised $275 so far – with just the first email!  All of those donations have gotten more than halfway to my goal of $500 by the beginning of September. Please visit my pledge site and consider making a donation. Only 9 more people donating $25 each will get us to $500.


I hope you are all enjoying the peak of summer and thanks again!!!

Sarah Kate


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Bike the Barns fundraiser

Hi everyone,

I am very excited to be participating in Bike the Barns again this year, a bike ride fundraiser to support fresh food for all. When I did this ride two years ago, we raised over $500 to help people in our community have access to local, healthy food – I hope you will help me achieve that same goal (or maybe even more!) this year.

On September 18th, I’ll be riding the Rutabaga route, which is 53 miles and visits 5 organic farms in south central Wisconsin. The ride is beautiful and celebrates the proud tradition of growing healthy, local, and organic food in our state coordinated by the FairShare CSA Coalition.

It will only take 25 people donating $20 to get me to goal of $500 and more importantly to help low income families have greater access to healthy food.

Here is the link to donate:

Thanks so much for your support again this year!

– Sarah Kate

P.S. Sorry if anyone gets this more than once 🙂

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